Loan Against Property

Monetary requirements can arise at any point in time. These financial emergencies can lead to a lot of stress and tension and can deteriorate mental well-being. 

In such a scenario, your property can help you come out of these struggles. With our loan against property, you can attain large fundings for important business and personal needs. These loans are designed to meet your requirements for large amounts of money.

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Am I Eligible For A Loan Against Property

What Documents Do I Need To Provide?

Completed Application Form

  • We will provide you with a run-of-the-mill application form to detail out all the information we need before processing your request or loan against property.

Passport-Size Photograph

  • This photograph should be fairly recent and indicative of your current physical appearance.

Identity (ID) Proof

  • This can be either your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, or Government ID (if you happen to be a government employee).

Address Proof

  • Your Aadhaar Card is the go-to document here. In case your current address is not updated in Aadhaar card, one certified copy of any Official Valid Document (OVD) is required. These OVDs are either your Passport, Voter ID, or Driving License.

Income Proof

  • This comes in the form of your latest one-month pay slip or Form 16 for the current year.

For Salaried Individuals

  • A copy of the salary slip for the past 3 months
  • A copy of the latest Form 16
    • Updated bank statements showing salary and saving entries for the last 6 months

For Self-Employed Individuals

  • Business profile: A note with information on the nature of the business/profession, form of organization, clients, suppliers, etc.
  • Last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Last 3 years’ Income Tax Returns and financials including balance sheets and profit/loss accounts of the business/profession, along with schedules
  • Copy of last 3 years Income Tax Returns and financials including balance sheets and profit/loss accounts of the business/profession, along with schedules

*Please note that while only scans or photocopies of your documents are required while applying for a loan, you might want to carry original documents in case of verification. Approving the loan application is at the sole discretion of Clix; we might ask for further documents for a more thorough assessment of your loan.

How Do I Apply For A Loan?

Fill the form
1. Fill out the application form. Don’t worry, it takes only 3 minutes!
Answer your phone
2. Have a quick chat with our representative about loan against property in India.
3. Then leave it to us! Your loan will get processed!


How do I avail a loan against property from Clix?

There’s a space at the top and bottom of this page to put in your phone number. Just provide the same and our customer representative will speak with you shortly to get a loan against property online!

What will be the tenure, down payment, EMI, and interest rate for my loan against property?

At Clix Capital, you can choose from customised repayment (EMI) and down payment options. However, the interest rate of your loan against property depends on various factors, such as the specifics of your application (including metrics like date and income). We’ll tell you the final applicable interest rate once we go through your application form and all supporting documents.

What are the different types of home loans offered by Clix?

Aside from the home loan against property, we also offer the following kinds of home loans:


  1. Home loan for a ready or under-construction residential property.
  2. Home improvement/extension loan to finance the renovation (flooring, roofing, plastering, painting, plumbing, electrical, etc.) or extension (construction of new floor or rooms within permissible building plan) of your existing property.

3. Balance transfer and top-up your existing loan from any other housing finance company or bank.

What is the concept of EMI?

You repay a loan in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) – an amount that combines your principal and interest. Your EMIs begin the month after your full loan amount is disbursed.

What is a pre-EMI?

The pre-EMI is the interest you paid on the loan amount you receive before your EMI period begins. This usually happens in either self-construction or construction stage-linked/partly-disbursed cases.

What is an amortisation schedule?

An amortisation schedule has details on how you can repay your loan, as well as the division between principal and interest charged in each EMI.

What governs the repayment of my loan against property?

The repayment of your loan against property is done through a NACH Debit Mandate.

What are the types of interest rates offered?

Two kinds, because life is all about choices:

a) Floating

b) Fixed for the first 24 to 36 months, followed by floating

How can I reach out to Clix for any other information on my loan against property?

Just call us on 0124-4545965 or 0124-3817400 between 9:30am-6:30pm from Monday to Saturday (barring public holidays). Alternatively, you can also write to us at to resolve your queries around loan against property.

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